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Forum Structure Update

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I just wanted to inform everyone that we updated our forum structure like so:

  • Board (Announcements & Old Forums)
  • Upload Your Compositions for Analysis or Feedback (8 upload forums)
  • Community (Composer's Headquarters, Repertoire, Performance, Advice & Techniques, Off Topic
  • Competitions & Collaboration (Hall of Fame, Monthly Competitions, Collaborative Works, Challenges, External Competitions)
  • Technological (Finale & Sibelius Help Desk, Sound Libraries)

Please note that I merged the Ask YC forum with Advice & Techniques.  I also am going to add another forum for our notation software, which will be dedicated to sales, bug submissions, and features.  I will activate this forum once I am ready for beta testing.

Let me know if you like the new layout, and if it flows better.

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