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Melody II. Adagietto for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Maarten Bauer

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I have uploaded this piece before and I have included feedback, I received, in the first and second melody Adagietto. The first melody has already been posted.
The original description:

For my audition for pre-study at the conservatory with classical saxophone I played the Cinq Danses Exotiques by Jean Françaix. I fell in love with his music. On account of Françaix' music I composed 3 Melodies for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Opus 25 (Dutch: Drie Melodieën voor Altsaxofoon en Piano) today.

Feedback and sharing your opinions would make me very happy!


Stay tuned for the last melody!

Maarten Bauer

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6 hours ago, Ken320 said:

Hello Maarten,  It sounds like a very good performance. I am curious about your mindset in composing this piece. What were you trying to express? Were you composing to please a set of composers at this conservatory? Which conservatory?


Hi Ken,

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it! 

Firstly I have to tell the main goal of composing this piece: Using many dissonances and trying to keep it ''tonal''.
If you hear other pieces I have posted on this forum, you will probably hear the influences of classical composers: for example many I-IV-V-I figures. I want to develop myself and creating my own voice by experimenting with other styles than only the classical period.

The mindset is quite anecdotal:
When I was writing this second melody, I was trying to create a debate between the saxophone and piano, inspired by the following. In Dutch class, we had to do a debate assignment, in which we, of course, had to convince each others about a given statement. 
In the beginning the piano (con) and saxophone (pro) are discussing the statement. In the middle the musicians are in a major opinion clash. The composition ends in a tie and the musicians reconcile. Although it is a tie, the debate has been very interesting and dynamic.

I do not study at the conservatory. I would like to study Composition, but I do not know if I am good enough to be admited.
I will never compose to please a set of composers. I write what I want to hear. Even if there is a mescenas, who gives me a few restrictions, I will try to compose what I would like, but also what would meet these restrictions. 

Kind regards,


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