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Sojar Voglar

O magnum mysterium

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Here is another choral piece, performed by the mixed choir of our Conservatoire for music and ballet Ljubljana while touring Sweden.

Although this piece was already composed in 2013 it remained unperformed until now. I send it to Jihlava composition competition in 2014 and finished in good 7th place (out of app. 80 compositions) but only the winner was performed. But this season it is featured in the programme of here presented choir. The music is faster than most of my choral pieces and I believe I should have done this more often. The choirs do enjoy virtuoso music as well, not just lyrical and delicate. :)



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Love it!

There are some unusual harmonic movements, but your voice leading was smooth enough that it wasn't uncomfortable to me. Great counterpoint and interplay between the parts!

Gustav Johnson

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Great piece! I really enjoyed listening to it. It conveyed the feeling of positive mystery, but also of praise very well. Well-suited for liturgy. IMHO, the joyful ending was very effective. Have you experience with writing for choirs? This piece sounds so well-rounded and singable!

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