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THEORY 202 Assignment

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This is my assignment for Monarcheon's masterclass, THEORY 202: Adv. Harmonic Extensions.

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Really nice, seriously. 
I think at the chromatic saturation part, you could have had chords in the left hand to mirror the melody in the right hand just so it felt a little more grounded and not as random thrown in there. Remember that chords are another way to execute saturation. 
The E and F# before going back into G major was also nice, but it sounds a little bit awkward because the Cb is enharmonic with B, so it sounds like you arrived at the I chord before you actually did. 
The reharmonization was great! Remember that you can use this to your advantage with modulation too! For example at m. 38, you could have stayed in F major and had your melody adapt to the new key if you wanted. Reharmonization just opens up possibilities. :)

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@Monarcheon : Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially since I can do absolutely nothing on a piano (but I do start lessons next week!).

I see what you mean about the C-flat. There is a B natural in the ascending chromatic line before the descending figure, so I think I can break the pattern and tweak it into a C natural. You're right; left hand chords would be helpful there too. 

I like this melody, even though it's basically just a modified G major scale exercise... I may add a contrasting section and turn it into a little sonatina once I learn a little more about the piano.

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