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Transmatic Coptifactor

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It's been awhile since I posted music on here.

i've been obsessed with the electronic 'genre' as of late. so....

Here's something I hope you find interesting :eyebrow:


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It's cool.
I expected more variation from the beginning. It's all one chord... Gm7b9... I just wanted a little more variation there.
The second section of synthesized sounds was nice. I like the hints of tonality amongst the clear lack of traditional tonality.
The third section I didn't entirely get, as there wasn't a really pattern of your shifting chords as far as I could see. It was almost multi-tonical, but not quite. When the polyrhythm was introduced, it was balanced out a little more nicely.
It was also a bit of an abrupt ending... kind of lacked the integrity of the section before it, in my opinion.

Overall, nice job. Explorations into this stuff are warranted with tonal mixtures. :)

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