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Soliloquy for Trumpet No. 1


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I had somehow avoided composing for the trumpet for many years, perhaps because my first composition for it, back in 1997, although perhaps unrealistically difficult for actual performance, I regarded as maybe my best composition, and perhaps with a supernaturalistic fear, I avoided to compose for trumpet for fear that I might not succeed to reproduce the same quality! However, after I composed my previous sententiae for trumpet and piano (posted here two days ago), it seems my inspiration to compose for trumpet was stimulated, and so I composed my first soliloquy for trumpet which I post now, as well as a second soliloquy for trumpet (hopefully to be posted soon). I think/hope that nearly two decades later, I have succeeded to recapture something of the same high quality but with much less difficulty and more playability in this long-awaited sequel to my first trumpet piece!

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This one's nice, thematic, and moves in its own progression. The lack of a counter motif was delightfully unnecessary. I personally hear this is melody to a scherzo for piano and trumpet though. It seems kind of lonely.
However, I would highly recommend you look into rest beaming to make this performance better, or change some of your 16th notes to 8th notes with staccatissimo markings. It's just kind of hard to read. 


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