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I enjoyed it. The ethnic instruments definitely add some interest. It felt like it would work well as game music or possibly film music, although it got to be a bit too repetitive for my personal taste. It might have been my bad speakers, but it seemed the orchestration was a bit cluttered in some of the more bombastic sections and would've been more powerful with a bit more clarity. 

All in all, well done.

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It's a little bit out of character in the big sections for this kind of sounding music... but that's okay, it's your own style. I would look into the permeations of the Phrygian Harmonic/Dominant scales.
When you get back to the main section, maybe make it feel like an A', since your B sections use the same kind of harmonic language as the A sections.
I actually kind of like the orchestration in terms of the texture. It feels inclusive.
The ending was a bit weak in my opinion though. It felt out of rhythm and kind of abrupt. Maybe use the harsher tones of the scale to draw it out?
Good job.

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