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Theme and Four Variations for Quartet of Flutes

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My first theme and Variations.


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Hi, I like it. Nice variations. I think it's not easy writing for 4 flutes.

The writing is very "classic", but also the style.

The Alto flute should be written in transposition.

I don't think that "Dynamics to be added at the players' discretion" is a good idea. In this form and style, if the 4 players add dynamics each one at his/her convenience this could sound as a XXI century contemporary piece. OK, even if the players may be cautious, the chance that they do not coincide is there. That indication is good for a solo player, or in contemporary music, in my opinion.

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15 minutes ago, aMusicComposer said:

The score's in concert pitch to make it easier to read @Luis Hernández.The part for the Alto Flute is transposed. 


I see. I comment on this in case you are interested:

1. For the composer it's easier in concert pitch.

2. For the player it's much easier in transposition.

3. If the Alto Flute is in concert pitch, you should indicate it. Otherwise the player will play in transposition.


I made these mistakes more than once. Now, lesson learnt.

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Good job overall. ote that all note names given are in concert pitch. A few things to look at:
0:30: an F# minor root position triad was likely intended here considering what the melody notes are. Also occurs later in the piece
0:36: the high C# should probably resolve to something, though I don't think this change is mandatory. Also, there are other unresolved high notes.
0:48: the F#5 should be an E5
0:56: D3 in the bass doesn't sound nice. Occurs later in the piece.
1:40: You might want to change G#5 to E5 for a nice cadence.

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