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Any more ratings?

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I am really curious to your thoughts on this track! apart from the ugly cello samples, some mastering screw ups and way too many slides, I am quite happy with it.

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I'm with you on the slides, I think. Save 'em for the dramatic points.
0:40 - D minor with the minor 13th, risky.
0:44 - Dm/C/Bb, doesn't function like a polychord and ends up sounding like a Dm/C9 which isn't exactly what you want. This pattern repeats a few times.
1:11 - Unexpected, but very welcome change, nice. The drums could be mixed a little better and could be lengthened, and would be a perfect place to change up the chord progression to build drama. Maybe a III chord or IV or Vsus or something.
I  kind of wanted it to end, but a loop is cool too, I suppose.
Generally, pretty good stuff.

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