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Hi, I would like to share some of my previous works to newer members and anyone who would love to listen to them.

And guys if you have enjoyed listening to these, please visit an earlier post where I also uploaded my most popular viewed pieces here at this link:

Batch of Pieces Pt. 2

I would love to hear your feedback and allow me the chance to follow your music and also enjoy what you guys have posted. Thanks a lot everyone!


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This is a great catalogue of work, it's clear that 'advanced composer' title under your name isn't out of place one bit. 

I personally really enjoyed 'The Return of Gaia' very much, especially from the 2:00 minute point onward was the perfect blend of strings and piano (which had a nice twangy sound akin to a harpsichord to it) that I enjoy in music.

Keep up the great work!



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I like what you’ve done. I think you need to make use of velocity for each instrument, and less quantisation. The piano on ‘The return of Gaia’ for example, sounds very clunky and too precise, if you can play it in live through a keyboard that would give it more feel. Same goes for the other instruments (Mainly the ones playing the main theme/solos. Just my 2 cents. 

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Nice job overall. You have written some really great background music that is fairly melodic sometimes. A few details.


Heroic Odyssey:

Somewhere around 0:15-20: I would keep the bassline motion going.

0:50: awkward transition

In the second half of the piece, there were some slightly awkward chord progressions, particularly unresolved tones. There were only two of them from my memory.


Ol' Village Serenty: When you introduce new voices, make them play a different rhythm from the existing voice to make it more interesting. Also, you could develop it more.


Golden Arcs: Great job. Love the mysterious and moving middle section. Reminds me of the sea.


Return of Gaia: Nice job overall.

1:15, 2:05 and 2:20: during a E minor dominant chord, there was a prominent E4, which should likely be a D#4


2 Themes and Variations:

 Good job overall. A few details:

0:15: adding an E after the F in the melody would be nice, but not absolutely necessary.

0:22: prominent presence in B in the bassline during an A minor chord. This is rather awkward.

0:35: inappropriate use of A in E minor chord

1:28: unexpected pause

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