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Trio for Violin, French Horn and Piano


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A very short piece (I'm wondering if I could make it longer) for Violin, French Horn and Piano.

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In the opening, when the piano comes in with the quarter note then the four eighth notes, it sounds quite awkward. After that, the next 2 bars sounds like the beginning of a sequence that was never used to it's full extent. Perhaps continuing with two more bars before moving on it necessary to secure a better grounding. The whole piece has a very baroque feel to it (correct me if I'm wrong). Some of the bars have "incorrect" harmonic progression (such as bar 6 with the descending eighth notes in the violin and piano. Add more embellishments, a longer development before jumping into 4/4 and perhaps ever split it up into two parts (that was very common back then: think about prelude and fugues).

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It is quite 'eastern' at the start. I think you used a harmonic minor at the start. I don't quite like the harmony though.


To extend and develop, you can do an inversion of the melody, augmentation and diminution, embellish with a few trills or turns. 


Hope to see an extended version of this piece! Hope it is rather more exciting to hear.

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