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[Trial] Play this passage

Maarten Bauer

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Hello everybody,

A few days ago, I got the idea about an app to help composers to get feedback about instrumentation (and orchestration) from musicians.
The idea can be found here:

We decided to try it out first on this forum by a thread.
(!) To have this idea work, we need the whole community to help and play the music! A composer can post his music here, but when the music isn't performed, there is nothing useful about this topic.


What to do as a composer?

If you are not sure about a short passage or a few passages in one of your compositions, you can post your score (PDF) in this topic, BUT...

  • Make sure that you clearly tell us, which instrument part you have doubts about and where, i.e. from which bar to which bar.
  • This topic is not meant to get free performances and audios for your music; only for feedback.

What to do as a musician?

  • First, please press the ''follow'' button at the top right of this page.
  • When you see a post of a composer, who would like to have feedback on a piano passage and you play piano, check the score.
  • When you check the score and you think you can play it a little bit, please practise it.*
  • Finally record yourself playing the passage (in this case piano) and post the mp3 file here with some feedback.

*You don't need to be a professional musician to be able to play passages. When the tempo is too fast for you, you can still practise it in a slower tempo and imagine a professional musician playing the music.


  • The composer now has more knowledge of what is possible and what is not on the instrument.
  • Note that there needs to be a balance between you posting scores and you posting recordings of yourself playing.
    • If you only post scores and don't play other's music, your score will get less attention.


Hopefully this works!


Maarten Bauer


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1 hour ago, Monarcheon said:

What's the difference between someone performing the passage to prove its impracticality and having the orchestration or practical knowledge to define its impracticality?


Good question.

The first idea is so important because one can then actually hear what's going on.

When you give feedback on the basis of your knowledge, this is useful too; but orchestration may be abstract. Hearing examples would help a lot.

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1 minute ago, luderart said:

Perhaps seeing, as in a video of the passage showing the impractical/difficult fingerings involved, might be even more helpful!


Great idea!

That would be even more effective indeed! The problem is that one cannot attach mp4 files, so I think one then has to post a YouTube video.

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