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Battle- short music piece for wind orchestra

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This is my only piece for groups that are bigger than string quintet, and I think it's almost done.

Please give me your feedback so I can improve the piece and fix problems in it.

Please don't steal anything from the piece, I worked very hard on this one.

Also, if something sounds familiar... I probably didn't mean it.

Except for the pattern in the Bass Clarinet at the beggining.


Thanks in advance,

and sorry for my english mistakes.


Btw, I just entered this site through your wiki (was looking for the diffrences between upbow and downbow),

if there's anyone that can tell me about this forum... please do.

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Creating a battle theme using wind instruments is very difficult. I think the piece sounded well but when doing a battle theme, the piece deserves to have less pauses in between and needs faster tempos (depending on what type of emotion you're going for in the battle itself.) 

I think the percussion and brass were done well as it brought out the intense feeling you get during a battle. During a few parts where the wind instruments reintroduce themselves kinda took away that battle feeling and gave it more of an overworld map feeling. That's why I say it's hard doing a battle theme with winds. Although it can be done, it just needs to be done a certain specific way so others can still relate it to a battle theme.

Overall, I highly enjoyed it man. Post more!

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