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I uploaded it only for this forum, because mp4 files can't be uploaded here. So please don't share it with anyone without my premission. I know it's not great, but I'd like to hear your opinion anyway.


Thanks :P


*I had no choir samples when I made this one, so every time I wanted to show that something that has something to do with the final defeat of the dark lord, I used chimes, that sounds like the church bells.

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I think you've done a decent job here. The only criticism I could offer is that each section of the track doesn't quite feel cohesive enough as a whole and you could maybe try and smooth the transitions a little better to help it really feel like 'one track'. That being said I did enjoy this, good job :)

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Do you mean things like running woodwinds and strings?

idk, it doesn't really feel that intense. Stuff is going on, but it isn't a sword fight or something. 

They're barely moving when they do their wand fight. 

I don't remember this movie very well, but I think it's some kind of mind fight.


It's dramatic but it's not moving.

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