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Libraries not split by instrument

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Hey, could someone tell me a bit about their experience with libraries, that use "high strings" and "low strings" patches instead of sperate patches per instrument. I'm especially curious about Albion One. The idea seems weird to me.



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Sorry, I don't have experience with them, but my theory is that it's an attempt to offer an efficient compromise to producers who might have neither, or not have either, the patience for the full detail of the orchestra, n/or sufficient horse power to run the full gamut of instruments.

I'm not interested in buying it any one of these days. Even though my computer can't deal comfortably with tutti made of normal VSTs, I don't find Albion One appealing enough to throw my money at it. It would end up sitting around on my hard drive, and I'm running out of space.

I find Metropolis Ark 2 particularly odd: It has a patch made of basses with cellos an octave above 😒

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