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10 minute sketch of the snowfall that happened here last night.

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That last low note was just so satisfying after hanging out above the staff in snow crystal land for so long.  I like this.  If it was my piece, I'd wish some of the rolled chords had rolled a little more slowly and deliberately, but, hey for a 10-minute sketch, let's be honest, I would still be staring at about 3 measures.  :D  Very nice.

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On 24/2/2018 at 1:13 AM, Luis Hernández said:

I think some arpeggios are too dense for one hand (six notes).

I should have written it more like a series of grace notes; that's more the effect I was going for.

Thank you both!

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Love it!

You could probably have written it without barlines, perhaps?

Those chords are just fine. I can reach them with my right hand no problem. I love the effect of measure 21, although it doesn't really come out in the realization, but I know what it sounds like in person.


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