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[STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

[SAX QUARTET] Variations on Wilhelmus van Nassouwe  

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  1. 1. I would like to contribute one or more variations.

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I think it would be great for the community if we do another collaborative project.
The last project that I runned went pretty well, so here is the same set up:

It sounds very interesting to me when we have a collaboration project in the form of Theme and Variations.
For the ones who don't know what this form is: you compose one or more variations on a stated theme.
A clear example is Mozart's Dodici variazioni su 'Ah, vous dirai-je Maman':



How does it work?

You can compose as many variations on the given theme as you want. There are a few rules / points:

  • Only write for the saxophone quartet (SATB). Not all variations have to contain all instruments, so you can also compose a variation for, for instance, saxophone trio (S, A, B) or a solo passage.
  • Make sure that the theme is recognizable or at least fragments of it.
  • Every style is accepted: contemporary, classical, Pop, Jazz, minimal etc.
  • Variations may not be longer than 2 minutes.
  • When you have finished a variation, please post it in this topic with the following files. This namely saves a lot time for me to edit the final version. 
    • PDF file of the score and;
    • Midi file and;
    • MP3 file.
  • You can be as creative as you want!

This link will lead you to the previous collaboration topic:

Theme ''Wilhelmus van Nassouwe''

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.mp3

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.pdf

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.mid


If you are interested and want to compose a variation, please sign in for this project by answering yes in the poll above.

Good luck!

Maarten Bauer

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