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Videogamey music: The Magic of Arabia

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Here's my shot at the Arabian scale (double harmonic minor). It's not easy to come up with chords for that scale :). The song has got a strange mix of instruments - I'm not sure if that's working or not. Any feedback on the composition, sounds and mixing is very welcome.


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Actually I thought about writing in this scale a while ago,

but not many of my compositions have this "Arabic" kind of sound,

mainly because here the pop musicians ruined the whole genre,

so it has a bad connotation in my mind.

I do use Phrygian once in a while though.


I think that you did a good job here,

could easily fit under many kinds of games.

This mix of sounds keeps the game's soundtrack,

although static as a game score should be

(unless you have a way to show the player's action in music, take a look at Journey)

interesting enough to be heard for a long time.

Like in Celeste.

I think.

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I think the 'Strange mix of instruments' you mention actually work perfectly fine as far as I can tell.

I like the composition a lot too, it's dynamic enough that it never gets boring to listen to, but not so dynamic as to capture the focus, which I find important in "Videogamey music" as it's meant to supplement the gameplay and not distract from it (unless it's a very key moment or cutscene of course).

The mixing is also very reasonable I'd say.

All in all I think if I heard this track in a video game (I imagine it would fit into a 2d platformer or side scroller perfectly) it would certainly stick in my mind long after setting the controller to rest.

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