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Here's a ukulele song I wrote with finger picking rather than the more common uke strumming style. What can I say... I'm a finger picker.

Again, as with much of my stuff, the flute-y thing is the vocal guide. I love composing and arranging. Singing.. not so much.

This is a bouncy song and I think it employs the so-called "circle of 5ths" but I'm not one hundred percent sure about that as I don't really understand music theory.

Here's the box.com link:


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Thanks for linking to that Mozart piece. I personally can't see any similarity but hey anytime someone references Mozart to your piece just say "thank you"! So.. a big thank you for that! Yeah, I get what you mean about pieces in major keys.. they can be boring. In fact, as much as I love Mozart, some of the piano pieces in major keys bore me... but I admit that is my loss. The ukulele is a bit like the banjo with regard to it's emotional spectrum i.e. it's kinda hard to play anything other than happy music. You might notice in my piece that as I started it with that descending major lick I quickly turned it minor as I get bored very quickly with straight up major keys. Thanks for the input.

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