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I use Sibelius 7. I noticed that there's a new version 8. Have any Sibelius 7 users upgraded to 8? Are you pleased with the upgrade?

I'm satisfied with Sibelius 7 for composing. My only reason for wanting to upgrade is to get better sounds when I render the songs. In particular, I'd like to get more realistic-sounding strings and better solo trumpets and trombones (although brass sections as a whole seem okay). Also, the piano on Sibelius 7 sounds a little bit muddy to my ears. Does version 8 offer any improvements in these areas?

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18 hours ago, bryla said:

Sibelius 8 uses the same sounds as Sibelius 7. If you want something better consider Noteperformer 3.  


Thanks for he tip. I just checked it out. Looks interesting. At $129, the price seems very reasonable if it improves my horn and string sounds.

My composing computer isn't connected to the internet, so I've written to technical support to see if I can download the software to an external hard drive and then upload it from there. I know the 30 day free trail needs an internet connection, but I'm hoping that if I purchase it outright it will work without being connected.

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