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Deer Dance


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Song for children's story, harp and voices.

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This a nice melody.

Concern: the voices don't stop at all from the moment they start singing in measure 8: I suppose some pause shoud be in m. 12-13, for example.

The harp is not complicated at all regarding the pedals. Although you don't mark the changes (many people don't do it) it is feasible.

What I'm not sure at all is about this: to get that result exactly, you have to mute the strings after every note (or two notes), if not, the strings keep on resonating and writing those rests after the notes is useless.



To mute the notes there are several indications in the harp writing:



Perhaps you don't care at all about this and you only want to get a software generated sound. But harp writing worries me a lot...

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You said children's story, so I'm concerned you might be thinking about this for kids.  If so, it definitely sits too high.  

Even if you are thinking of semi-pro, or professional adult sopranos and altos, it would make more sense to choose a lower key.  You have plenty of room to move it down.

Remember that the voice is the only instrument you can actually break just by playing.  And you can break it permanently.  So it's always important to pay careful attention to ranges.  🙂 

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