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Rafael Andres Diazz

My first Piano Piece

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This is my first piano composition, and I am trying to tell a story with this piece. It is about a minute long so its very short. Please give me feedback to make this better. Thank You!


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A first piano piece! How exciting 😁

I appreciate your enthusiasm in the score, it can make it easier to write a piece if you’re trying to tell a story. It can be a good source of inspiration.

For your first few piano pieces, I would suggest sticking to a single treble and bass clef, as Luis mentioned. This piece is kind of all over the place, and when you can just focus on two staves, your writing may say more, with less. This piece is a little complicated ... try simple. Simple is good.

I would also recommend putting your program notes and verbal messages on a separate piece of blank paper, and letting the piano simply be an instrument without words, particularly since the words are a “voiceover” that doesn’t match the notes written.

Thank you for sharing, and best of luck on your journey of making piano music 🙂

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