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Premonition, one of my first composition

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It sounds very nice. On the other hand you stay all the time in the same motif (or two), basically there is a rhythmic ostinato. I think it vould be a good first section to go into something else which would be more melodic and with the use of counterpoint.

I'm not an expert in strings but I think some parts in the cello and bass are, if not out of range, dangerously there.

If the piece is in Em why didn't you put the key signature?

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm working on using the counterpoint and finding nicer melodies as well as getting rid of the ostinato as you said. I moved the bass and cello an octave lower and merged the two violin and viola to form only two voices so I can insert a melody on the first violin. I also put the key signature.

Also, instead of repeating theme A I'm trying to find a better and original ending that is not the same as the beginning of course.

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