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This link goes to a post called "Story Scoring". You will write a story (or an idea for a story/poem/etc) and I compose something for it. Then after, we compare what you thought it would sound like to what I composed (I will post the story composition in a separate thread and put a link in the is Topic)! This will be on-going so post whenever! Thanks!


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I know that it's a stupid story and the quality of the piece is terrible (remember that it was from three years ago).

Also the piece is kind of just... high sea style. All the... darker themes don't appear there.

but you asked for a story, so here you go:


Serving at the ship of the handless is not an honor. It's much more than that. The handless and his ship horrify both the coast's citizens and the other pirates all around the Arborian Sea. Each and every one of the local sailors takes at least a sword with him. Many also have bow an' arrows, some of the bigger ships have canons too. But it doesn't help them.

For the handless man has something that none of the other local sailors have- his ship. Despite her size and the wood she's made of, the ancient magic that she absorbed during the Shock Wave sustained her to this day, and armed her with a weapon so powerful that no ship can survive.

The wooden dragon head on the front of the ship can breathe fire, a hellish flamethrower.

And yet, the handless doesn't seem to use his power too often. He's know around the area as a cruel, evil and merciless old man, yet I've never seen him do anything that justifies the rumors.

Of course, he fights other local pirates when we run out of food, but others would invade the local villages and take down other ships just for the fun of that, or for the money.

I, myself, don't get to see him much. And when I do, he looks sad, with his eyes focused in the distance.

"We got to move on", he told me once when I asked him about it, not taking his eyes off the horizon.

"Move on from where?", I asked, "and to where?"

But he was silent, looked at me for a moment and came back into the captain's cabin.

The handless took me at the day I got the message that my father, who went to the war in the north, got killed. Alone in the world, I went to the distant stone shores, where no ship docks. They never go there because of the heavy fog and the fear that one of the hard stones might hit the bottom of their ship.

That's why when I heard a ship docking I didn't even lift my eyes, for it was impossible. But when a heavy scarred hand reached out to me and touched my forehead I knew I wasn't hallucinating. At first I didn't see his second hand, so I took it as we went to the ship.

Only then he stood in front of me, and at once I saw his missing hand and the strange light that came from the ship.

"Are you...?", I asked, taking a step backwards.

"Yes", he said simply, in his deep voice, "I am the terrible handless man, and this is my ship."

As he said that they strange light grew stronger.

"As for recent events", he said slowly, "you are welcome to join my crew".

I was silent.

As he turned his back on me I changed my mind.

"Wait!", I called out to him, "I'll join you."

He faced me again, a bit happier this time.

He gently took me by my shoulder as we got to the ship's deck. Suddenly I wasn't sure whether I made the right choice or not.

"Why do you want to make me a part of the crew?", I asked.

"We need a deck boy", he said. That was the time I saw his distant look for the first time.

The ship began to move with no sail or oars.

"We?", I asked, "Aren't you the only one on the ship?"

"No", he said silently.

Since that day I haven't seen a single other being on the ship, and I wondered if the handless has lost other things in the past, other than his hand.

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