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Composition for piano Op.15 No.1.4


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This is kinda like a thru-written sonata, it has three short parts, and the ending is a bit unresolved, also this is a Finale playback too,  enjoy! 


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I agree with Rabbival on all counts. It doesn’t sound cohesive, probably because it is “thru-written.” There’s interesting ideas that really merit their own consideration and development, but together, feels like patchquilt made from 3 random fabrics.

I would suggest taking each part, and developing it into maybe three separate pieces (as was suggested above), perhaps even developing each theme into a cohesive 2+ minute long piece. It could still be part of a “set”, but not part of the same “piece”, which would be better.

Does your program lack dynamics and pedaling? The lack of both is killing your piece’s playback. Of course, no one should judge a piece by MIDI playbacks in general, but dynamics go a long way in making it more listenable in the moment.

I appreciate the work you put into this, it has potential. Thanks for sharing!

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