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Wow, it's been so long since I've uploaded anything here. It feels strange to be back.

This is a relatively new piece I've written. I wrote it during ... a very bad time in my life, which mercifully is now over.

Let me know what you think. Thoughts, comments, criticisms all appreciated 🙂

https://app.box.com/s/8swugf5ixg9ydis2764isnm0ev0z0u3y    (WAV file)

https://app.box.com/s/ppntr0kp7vdugd4fz5eefgnyfnueirct  (PDF File)

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Couple things in the fast section:
Parts where the left hand was remained static for at least 2 beats felt a bit uncharacteristic and halted the forward momentum of the piece for me. Even oblique motion I think could have worked where you have those, or an added figure in the diatonic triad.
Perhaps this was your intent, but I found myself losing the beat in the parallel octave section a lot. In fact, I'm pretty sure this was your intent what with the "misplaced" (figuratively, of course) accents, but even with the clever chromatic figure, I found them a bit distancing. 
Contrary motion part near the end was nice, but why in m. 48, do you end with the left hand only playing eighth notes just before the climax (great chord, by the way).

Slower section:
Careful that you're not misusing F-flat. In m. 68, for example, you use F-flat in a V/iv chord, which merits an E-natural instead. Function over form.
mm. 73-74: the register disparity leaves it feeling a little awkwardly lonely, which would be fine if it was not immediately succeeded by a return to form, and preceded by similar chord structure.
m. 88: not sure how many audiences won't hear that retardation up to C natural as on the downbeat. I know it makes sense in your head, but in "Grave" tempo with no moving voices, it'll just sound like artistic license. 

It's a pretty cool piece. Hope you're better now.

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This is a great etude, I like it a lot, however, I think the midi playback is hampering the outlining of the melody in the fast movement, maybe some accenting or dynamic profiling could bring that out some more, as could slowing it a couple of points.  I often find even just 2 or 3 bpm's can make quite a difference to a midi playback.

The slow part is very lovely, you have some great harmonies, although I didn't see the etudinal value of this section, but I did enjoy listening to it very much.

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Thank you both for your comments, they are much appreciated 🙂


Monarcheon: hmmm, I think you’re right about the static part, maybe filling those left hand chords at measures 9-10 would give it a fullness. As long as the left hand’s soft enough, it should transition to measure 11 smoothly. 

Yeah, the parallel section is purposefully meant to be jarring and uninviting. Also, ms. 48’s L.H. was purely pragmatic, I didn’t want the pianist to have to leap his/her hand to a chord after a quick scale, even though it’s possible.

I knew I’d get called out on the Fb instead of E natural on the obvious V/iv chords. As ridiculous as it is, I just liked how it “felt” 😏 I’ll change it eventually, I know it’s wrong.

I don’t personally mind the register disparity there, I’ll leave it alone.

That’s an interesting point about the Grave section, I didn’t think of that. But I don’t mind even if it sounds “rubato.” 

And thanks, I am much better now!

Mark101:  Oh wow, I had no idea 2-3 bpm change could be that noticeable for midi playback improvement. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. And on the slow part, it’s definitely not “etude-like” anymore, although playing the left hand of 71-72 would require a very light touch to play right. But yeah, only the first part is really the etude.


Again, thank you both for taking time to listen to my piece and offer criticism, it’s much appreciated!

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