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Soliloquy for Bass Trombone No. 1


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This is my Soliloquy for Bass Trombone No. 1, my first piece ever composed for Bass Trombone or for any trombone. I hope that you enjoy listening to it. I would hope to hear feedback from a bass trombonist and hopefully have someone play it one day.

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7 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

Yes, I like it.

Somehow I think some time signatures don't fit with pulses.

Are you sure the bass trombone can play those low notes (I thought Bb1 was the lowest note).


Thanks Luis Hernández for your review and opinion. I'll look over the score regarding your comment about the time signatures. Concerning the range of the instrument, I guess they usually write the lower notes with 8vb, or it's possible only on some bass trombones. I checked the possibilities on the following website: http://resources.music.indiana.edu/isfee/ And as far as I could hear and see, the examples played went even lower.  But you are right that Bb is given as the lowest note at other online sources. Another source gives the Gb an octave lower as the lowest note of the contrabass trombone (http://www.orchestralibrary.com/reftables/rang.html). 

I await the a clarification – perhaps from a bass trombone player on YC. Accordingly, if required, I will either make the piece for contrabass trombone or revise it to make it within the correct range of the bass trombone.

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