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Main Theme Opening


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This is a WIP of the opening for a new game I am composing. The opening scene is a deputy in a blizzard/winter storm that seeks shelter in a town. The main tune is prominent with the strings, but can be heard throughout. This game takes place in the 1880s. The story is about a deputy who goes to a town that has a pandemic of mercury poison due to a mining operation higher up on the mountain and he eventually becomes insane because of the mercury that is affecting the water, fish, and even the agriculture in the area. 


Note: I rendered this on a laptop in a lower quality. The final version will be recorded and rendered with the appropriate hardware and software.


 Any comments, critique, or advice are welcomed. Thanks for listening!


Also, you are a badass 😉 

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Great start..  I'd be inclined to EQ the white noise (wind I presume) or find another sample to make it not so overpowering..  So it  could be thinner, and exit faster.. You just need to 'imply' that it happened, and then get it out.  Noise fills everything, and doesn't always convert well to other sound systems.  Possible some thunder drums. certinally bring up the ones you have (I guess)

Now I never play video games, or listen to the music that accompanies them. So I might really be 'off base'. 

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I don't think that the soundeffects should be a part of the music track.

Separation would lead to a better feel of the scene, the white noise track should be controlled according to the player's situation.

Other than that it sounds pretty fit to the story you told.

You might want to bring the plucked strings (idk if that's a harp, a guitar or something else) an octave lower, to me it sounds too sharp.

Also, if you already have the honor to compose for an actual game- look at Austin Wintory first works

(I'm talking about aleatoric soundtracks that change according to the game's parameters),

I think that's the best kind of soundtrack a game can have, you might want to consider doing that.

Maybe do what Lena Raine did in Celeste and simply have a few tracks running at the same time with some of them faded out or cancelled when necessary. 

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You have the sound effects and the music in the same frequencies and fighting too much with each other. You could filter out some frequencies in the wind sound to alleviate your soundtrack, or move the melody an octave. The string sounds are too present and a bit flat when building the atmosphere. I would suggest to use your mod wheel more and build up and down their intensity. Also, you can have the low strings intertwining patterns (John William's style) to add movement without imposing rhythmic patterns. I like the way you have used lean orchestration and avoid overpowering epic sounds. You could add some ideas from Morricone pieces. Very interesting piece and a fresh approach.

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