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Variations on a Theme


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Hello. I thought of having the community to do a collaborative project in the form of 'theme and variations'. As I was writing this, I was just aware of two similar collaborative projects, one of which happened nearly a year ago. I thought of initiating this project again after reading about the Diabelli Variations by Beethoven. I suggest reading the attached forum post to know about theme and variations. 

This project is open to all, whether amateur, beginner or advanced. 

Theme and instrumentation

The theme attached is for piano, but anyone can rearrange it into a string quartet, a piano trio or any ensemble up to 8 instruments.

You can make slight modifications to the actual theme if you want to, even if you are doing for piano only. (includes adding new voices, dynamics, transposing into another key etc)

Other rules

You are allowed to compose as many variations on the theme as you want. If you are composing three or more, try to have a fugue/fuga included.

If you are rearranging it or making modifications to the initial theme, please include the modified/rearranged theme as well.

You are allowed to compose in any style, but preferably not jazz or pop.

Also remember to add tempo markings, dynamics and other directions if necessary. The theme attached does not have much of these so you can interpret it differently in any way you want it to.

After you have completed your variation(s), post it/them into this topic. There must be a

  • PDF file of the score and;
  • Midi file and;
  • MP3 file.

I will like to see how different composers can develop the same material in different ways. I believe no two variations from different composers can be exactly the same.



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