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Composer Variations


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Recently I created a set of variations for a competition held by the YouTube channel TwoSetViolin. I had to write 11 variations for two violins and piano , each for a different composer or genre. 

I believe it turned out well, but I should note I only had a week to create it, and each variation had to be at least 20 seconds long. 

Despite this, it should be a pleasant and thrilling listen.

*Headphone warning- loud artificial harmonics in recording


1. Bach

2. Mozart

3. Beethoven 

4. Brahms

5. Debussy

6. Paganini

 7. Shostakovich 

8. Myself

9. Film

10. Jazz

11. Pop


https://www.dropbox.com/s/2z5f1xcxxbo0idm/TwoSet Variations-EB.mp3?dl=0


https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkckvo0qhbobb60/TwoSet Variations-EB.pdf?dl=0

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1. Bach: it sounds more like Handel ol Vivaldi. But it's baroque, and in the styule.

2. Moart. Yes! it sounds "galante".

3. Beethoven. Yes! it reminds me of the early Beethoven.

4. Brahms. I think it needs counterpoint, in which Brahms was a master.

5. Debussy. This is not him... It's absolutely tonal.

6. Paganini. When the violin hit that high note in harmonics my dogs went nervous.

7. Shostakovich. I kike this one very much. Obscure. Shostakovich could have written it.

8. You. This the the one I like most.

9. Film. This is ok. Nowadays film music admit every style.

10. Bebop. Bebop scales are not clear (or they aren't) in this part. Syncopated chords would also help. Also, the voicings in the piano part are not "jazzy".

11. Pop. I think nº 4 sounds pop.

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Early three composers break a lot of their general rules.
Brahms does need more counterpoint, yes.
Debussy sounds extremely tonal.
Shostakovich didn't sound like him to me. Didn't sound as calculated as him.
I also like your variation the most.
The jazz was the most confusing. It started to go in that direction, but missed a lot of character.
Pretty abrupt finale.

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