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Alto Sax Concerto, Caliburn - Movement 2

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Hey guys! So I'm working on an Alto Sax concerto for a concert band. This second movement¬†was supposed to be played by the band at my school for my senior project but they couldn't fit it into their program. I'm still working on the other two movements, but i'm wondering if my writing is strong enough for a concerto. And i'd like to know what y'all think of it in general ūüôā¬†attached is the full score PDF and an mp3, note, some of the percussion writing on the score cannot be heard on the mp3.


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1) Horn goes AFTER trumpets in band scores.  Double the horn with alto saxophone since most high schools might not have four horns.  

2) The Euphonium, although it can go that low, is muddy in that register and most schools might not have a four valve.  Take that up an octave.

3) In this case, present a transposed score, not C Score.

4) Although not standardized, put the soloist in the middle or above the  timpani.

5) Don't write for your trumpets on one staff for concert music; split them.

6.) Don't double the soloist with the same instrument.  You'll be hard press to find that in solo literature in the canon

7.)  Watch your phrasing in the solo.    Need some legato phrasing.  If you're implying tonguing, I believe that will make this very unmusical.

8.)  This is a good start.  This movement is far from over.  You can develop this another 3 minutes at least.  Be careful not to just write on your horizontal plane but think vertically also.

It needs that to make this a stronger piece.


My $0.02

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