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This is a set of pieces I composed in Prague this past autumn. I have revised them several times since, and each movement accompanies a painting by artist Paul Klee (which I have included in the score). The piece is dedicated to a friend of mine from Austria who is very fond of art, and we went to several galleries together (hence the inspiration). 

While I am pianist myself, I specialize in improvisation in a style very different from this, so any feedback from the pianists would be most welcome!

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What a surprise! I love Paul Klee and, in fact, I wrote a set for a competition here some time ago. No wonders you got ideas from this painting to write music.

I find your language fascinating. Original, it sounds classic but it's so modern. And beautiful, in the end.

I like all of the pieces, but the Serenade and V. Dirge, on Nuit Bleue are captivating (I like this kind of ecstatic pieces).


Very nice font, by the way.

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Thank you, Luis! I felt that my catalogue was lacking a set of piano pieces, so I felt this to be the perfect motivator.

As for the pieces you mention, the serenade was composed to replicate the movement of the fish in the water -- jerky, flowing, liquid. Occasionally, they kick up sand and create a cloud of uncertainty.

The dirge is very different. The notes are deliberately empty, using whole notes and the like to further reflect the feeling of solitude (at least for the pianist who is reading it). It is a stark piece with a measured, cog-like movement. Additionally, I intend for the two pedals to create a compounding effect, in essence, muddying the sound.

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Ah, Jared, these are marvels. The color, the structure, the abstractness. Comments for each piece individually are below.

  • Gigue: The lilting effect was quite reminiscent of the sea. The theme was embedded and embellished throughout. I congratulate you!
  • Serenade: Short but oh, so sweet! There is a richness here that was quite delightful. Music aside, I do believe you misspelled 'koi' at the end there.
  • Dance: This one might have been my favorite. The colorful chords along with the tasteful rhythm kept me smiling.
  • Fantasy: Superbly written piece, and the musical directions were just as fascinating. 
  • Dirge: Another favorite of mine—so melancholic. And I found it interesting that you switched to French for the descriptive post-title. Curious as to your reasons for that...
  • Toccata: Loved the back-and-forth between the hands. Also, you used the word 'epigram' in a piece of music. How pithy of you.
  • Berceuse: What depth! And the colorful imagery throughout is just breathtaking! In m18, though, I was confused about the 8th note chord in the bass before the half note chord. If it's an appoggiatura, shouldn't it be attached by a slur? If it's not, perhaps put a little distance between those two chords so the meaning is clearer.
  • Caprice: This particular piece had a strong taste of impressionism (Debussy would be proud), and the return to the original theme at m42 was masterfully done! Even though this piece moved quickly and the chords were unconventional, none of the nuances were lost on me. Very well done, sir!

I continue to be impressed by your musical prowess. It's quite apparent you put a good deal of thought and planning into these works, and I suppose that's why I find your music particularly appealing. There is no superfluity, only an overarching cohesiveness that ensures every note that's written makes sense, belongs. You must be an aesthetic minimalist, because it's as if your music has been distilled down so that each idea is effectively conveyed using as few notes as possible. I consider your works nothing short of masterpieces. I do hope the world discovers you someday.

Thanks again for sharing yourself through your music! I look forward to hearing more of it!

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