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Hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece of music, hope you like it, and welcome your commentation.

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Very dramatic, Brahms- or Beethoven-esque string quintet! I loved the fury and just the overall dramaticism. It looks like you put a lot of work into this and the final product really shows!

Some of the double stops, especially in the 1st violin, are impossible (for example, m112), unless the player has unusually long fingers (think Marfan syndrome). One can get away with such huge intervals if one of the strings is open; in your piece, though, this isn't the case. Some of the piano passages, too, seemed unplayable, at least practically speaking. I think you could remove some of the excess notes in all the parts and still get your message across. Might make it more playable and less busy.

My only other complaint—and this is a matter of personal taste—is that the piece lacked balance. It was full-tilt furious almost the whole time, and I like for movements to have a little consonance to balance out the dissonance. Again, just a personal opinion.

Great job overall! I look forward to hearing more of your works!

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Wow, this has the level of drama of an entire Beethoven symphony in just a single quintet movement. That is impressive that you could get so much emotion out of it. Let me guess, it is in the key of C# minor, right? The chromaticism is definitely at the level of Chopin and Liszt(chromatic notes don't show up that frequently relatively speaking, but a lot of them are double sharps, which as far as I know, even Beethoven never used). If we are looking at just the frequency of chromatic notes alone, then it would be more along the lines of Beethoven or Mozart. But the double sharps makes that comparison a bit unfair. It also sounds like something at Liszt level difficulty.

I love how you got so much emotion into the piece. I can definitely hear a sort of sonata form in the movement. For such a long exposition, the development section is quite short. That isn't wrong, just something I noticed as I listened to the piece. And the recapitulation only really has form and key as far as resemblance, it doesn't sound almost ad verbatim like a recapitulation by Mozart or Beethoven would. But I think it makes the piece more interesting. It sounds like it has a coda in the last minute of it.

Overall, I would say that it is a great piece.

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