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Composer Mashup for a Trio

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So here is an experimental piece of mine. I got the idea from this video:

But, I figured that before I reach his level, I should first try to do it with just 3 composers. And to make it easier on myself, I have each composer corresponding to a different instrument. Mozart is represented by the flute, Beethoven by the piano, and Bach by the violin.

Overall, this is about the resolution of the anger Beethoven had towards Mozart. Here are the instrument-composer correspondences:

  • Flute - Mozart
  • Violin -  Bach
  • Piano - Beethoven


What do you think? Should I add some more Bach pieces in there? Can you recognize all the pieces I used for my trio mashup?

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I have to say, it just seems like a list of melodies without structure.

Also, have you thought about combining two melodies at once? It just seems a bit bare and this will help you practice counterpoint.

I don't get the point of the lyrics, which also don't seem to fit in with the notes a lot of the time. Let the music speak for itself.

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I agree with aMusicComposer.  Essentially, it's pretty much stringing together snippets of well-known works after each other and alternating between the different instruments so it really sounds quite bare and I also agree that the text is unnecessary.  The cleverness of the original mashup is how the he was able to identify various themes which were harmonically compatible from composers with diverse musical styles and put them all together as a cogent whole.  What you have is the basis for a good start; the challenge next is to see if you can find other thematic fragments to go along with the themes you've already used. 


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Here are the pieces that I have used and what bars correspond with each piece:

Rondo a Capriccio - Bars 1-8
Symphony no. 40 First Movement - Bars 9-17
Beethoven's Fifth - Bars 18-22
Symphony no. 40 First Movement - Bars 22-33
Bach Violin Sonata in G Adagio - Bars 34-41
Beethoven's Fifth, now transposed upwards - Bars 42-45
Jupiter Symphony Finale - Bars 46-65
Pathetique Sonata Second Movement - 66-81
Symphony no. 40 Finale - Bars 82-99
Beethoven's Fifth, now extended - Bars 100-108
K 545 first movement - Bars 109-119
Beethoven Piano Sonata no. 3 in C - Bars 109-118


At the very end, the K545 sonata and Beethoven's third piano sonata are played at the same time.


And I can roughly plot what each piece represents:

  • Rondo a Capriccio - Beethoven's anger
  • Symphony no. 40 First Movement - Mozart asking what he did wrong
  • Symphony no. 5 - Beethoven being serious about it
  • Symphony no. 40 First Movement - Mozart still not knowing what he did wrong
  • Violin Sonata in G major - Bach trying to break up the situation, telling them that they are both great
  • Symphony no. 5 transposed - Beethoven doubting Mozart
  • Jupiter Symphony Finale - Mozart's proof
  • Pathetique Sonata Second Movement - Beethoven apologising for the anger and telling Mozart exactly what was wrong
  • Symphony no. 40 Finale - Mozart apologising for not admitting a mistake and telling Beethoven that his sustained diminished 7ths are a mistake
  • Symphony no. 5, now with extended motive - Telling Mozart that it works while in a serious mood
  • K 545 and Beethoven sonata at the same time - Resolution of the whole situation.

I can imagine that some pieces are easier to find compatible pieces for. Rondo a Capriccio is basically compatible with anything else in G major. Same with the Jupiter Symphony and C major. Symphony no. 5, while having quite a few compatible pieces, is simply too short, even in the extended version to make it worthwhile. Symphony no. 40, which if you can't already tell, I transposed the first movement into the key signature would also be quite easy to find a compatible piece for(but I would also have to make sure the tempo is right and everything). The Pathetique Sonata though would be hard to find a compatible companion for.

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