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The Adventures of Plasmaman - Retro Video Game Music

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This is a set of three chiptune-inspired ditties that I wrote a few years back for a video game project that never really got off the ground. There are a few more that I never bothered 'producing' that I may add to the playlist at some point. 

Hope you like them. Thanks for listening!

Listen to The Adventures of Plasmaman by MisterRaccoon on #SoundCloud


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I'm focusing on ice world because I love snow and winter 🥰
The interval stacks are nice but get a little repetitive, and it's super noticeable because of the register. I think what made me get a little tired of them too was the fact that they follow in the harmony as though in diatonic planing. I think maybe having given it a little more flavor by inverting it to form a sort of stacked voice set would have been really nice.
Your melody and rhythmic mixups are great and really help this get off the ground from the getgo. Your triplets later are super great as well.

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Thanks for listening, @Monarcheon and @Luis Hernández! You're right, Luis, the first one is very "in your face," but I did mean for it to be like that, exuberant and fun and pretty simple.

Also Blaire great point about the interval stacks in No. 2. It might have been nice to have a kind of up-and-down motion in those voices. I did the planing because I thought it gave it kind of a cold, "sterile" sound (if you know what I mean). Glad you liked those triplets! I thought they sounded like a helicopter 😄 

And thanks for the compliments on the last one, Luis. It's a 5/4 adaptation of something I wrote a long time ago,  though I decided later it might make more sense as 6/4 + 4/4. Who knows?

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