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Sunshine Tales

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A classic technique of EDM (especially old House or Jungle) are rising layers that repeat. This sort of sounds like that kind of technique but in a more "orchestral" style. This isn't to say this style can't work, but it seems a little heavy handed here, as if there's a sort of implied compound melody with all of the rhythmic displacement and especially the staccato violin at the end. For me, it all becomes a little too much, with not enough register changes, and underutilization of some instruments, especially the flute (such a meek range for the flute to stay in, especially for this kind of vibe). Overall though, it has a generally nice build on the I chord, with very welcome dips in intensity and IV mixups.

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It sounds great to me. It can perfectly fit for a movie.

What VST are you using?

I like the double bass doubling the bassoon one octave lower at the beginning. Interesting start: you just double different instruments by octaves with the same repeated-note pattern, first oboe, clarinet, bassoon and double bass (I'm not sure if those are the instruments). It's very simple, but it works.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @Guillem82!

I've used Spitfire Audio Symphonic Orchestra as a VST for this one. The opening is indeed very simple, but quite effective. It gives the listener some trust and hopefully a confident feeling (adoption of the rhythm in the piece).

I will do a walkthrough video soon of this track on my youtube channel and planning to share the project files (midi mockup etc), so you can have a detailed dissection of it 🙂

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