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Fantasy for 2 Pianos and Percussion


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Trying to make sure this is as good as it can be before I attempt to get a live recording for college pre-screening (due dec. 1st), any info regarding my composition will be helpful. Midi percussion sounds bad but not much I can do about it. If there are any formatting errors please call me out, I need this to be as clean as possible.

Also should I change the name to something more interesting? If so what are some suggestions that fit the aesthetic and sound of the piece.

Thank you!

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Impressive work. I don't know for sure what your intentions are with this piece, though for what its worth, the theme I considered is war... particularly as you use the percussion part for those fast ostinato's which resonate with me as bullets. So I am getting PTSD victim reliving the horror's of war! And I am sorry if I have missed the point entirely. Clearly you have put a lot of effort into this.

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