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A Tale of Krampus and Saint Nicholas - Soundtrack

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I lately created this orchestral piece, because I wanted to create something "christmassy" but in a rather spooky approach. It was meant as the soundtrack of krampus (a european demon who punishes the bad kids around christmas time - the bad equivalent of santa or saint nicholas). The soundtrack actually tells the story of how saint nicholas conquered krampus but I don't wanna say more about it. Let me know what you think and what I did wrong in your mind.



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I definitely wasn't expecting the choir, then the orchestral horns. Makes it seem a little... I don't know, off-brand? Basically, I wasn't really able to keep up with the shifting tones very well, though this could be mitigated with an extra chord in your unchanging progression, maybe a VI chord to capture the sonority of the more orchestral sound.

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