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Found 16 results

  1. I wrote an arrangement of "The First Noel" for a string quartet I started working on this piece thinking very SATB, very chordal - but as I worked on it, I tried to think of the harmonies in terms of "lines" instead of just chords and I played around with the ranges of the strings. - I am not the best at writing viola parts, so there are some missing sections - if you have any ideas for harmonies let me know - I have looked at the score too long to notice any part-writing errors, so if you spot any, please point them out - I plan to keep working on this, but I think this is a good length for the piece - not TOO long, but long enough for the music to move and expand
  2. Hello, My brand new piece of music. What do you think?
  3. Greetings. It has been a while since I posted something on this forum. Since Christmas is around the corner, I want to present a piano piece I composed years before, called "A Christmas Gift" or "Weihnachtsgeschenk" in German. This work was inspired by a short piano piece called "Music Box", written by the German composer Emil von Sauer. And yes, I managed to record this piece myself, which took me a few weeks of practice. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music, and any feedback is appreciated. Last but not least, I wish you a Merry Christmas! Carl Koh Wei Hao
  4. Canción de Navidad, based on schemata. I have found and learned some beautiful patterns from Mozart (the Jupiter, the Morte), although he didn't invented them, they were used many many years before him.
  5. December 24th 1914, Wordl War I. Near Ypres (Belgium), the German army began decorating the trenches and sang Silent Night in German (Stille Nacht). Soon the English army answered singing it in English. After a silence, they began to shout and congratulate one another. The Christmas truce took place, and they shared gifts and hugs. There were no gunshots that night. The fallen soldiers were remembered in an improvised ceremony, reading Psalm 23. I friend of mine and I wrote this little piece for two pianos a few years ago. We live very far from each other and we did it "online". These days of war brought this work to my mind.
  6. Christmas adagio movement for string quartet and organ ad libitum. It was originally meant as a middle movement of a Christmas fantasia, but I never wrote the other movements and I don't think I'll ever do it, so now I post this piece as a stand-alone piece. In this work I employed melodies and motifs from two polish christmas carols - Jezus malusieńki (violin 1 & 2) and Mizerna cicha (viola). Hopefully the piece will be performed this Christmas
  7. Finished this much faster than I thought I would, so I guess i'll post it here. PROGRAM NOTES Mov I, A Surreal Landscape. This introduction movement is slow, alluring, and representative of the night before christmas. Snow outside, warm clothes and an unsettling nervousness about the day to come. Mov II, Horizons. This movement begins the downward spiral. Not all life is as it seems. You expect gifts under your tree, but all that is there is a rock, and a looming horned shadow making its way across the horizon. Mov III, Arrival. The middle movement of the piece begins the flight of Certa. Certa, known in most cultures as Krampus, is on his way to deliver children to their untimely ends, for not cleaning their rooms and eating more hot pockets than the serving size suggests. Mov IV, Naught To Give. The final movement is the closest you will come to Certa. He walks up to your door and surveys the landscape. He turns around and starts to walk away. I guess you have until next year.
  8. Hi, this is an arrangement of "we wish you a merry christmas" , that I made to play with my girlfriend, I wanted to make it a little original and give it a twist compared to the original song, so I added a part in minor and some other little tweaks to keep it interesting. Any feedback is apreciated :3.
  9. Here is my contribution for the Christmas Event. Carol of the Bells is, by far, one of my favorite works. I just hope this fugue gives it justice.
  10. I lately created this orchestral piece, because I wanted to create something "christmassy" but in a rather spooky approach. It was meant as the soundtrack of krampus (a european demon who punishes the bad kids around christmas time - the bad equivalent of santa or saint nicholas). The soundtrack actually tells the story of how saint nicholas conquered krampus but I don't wanna say more about it. Let me know what you think and what I did wrong in your mind. https://soundcloud.com/kfan45/a-tale-of-krampus-and-saint-nicholas
  11. "Christmas time's a-comin'"... Around this time of the year I use to make something with popular carols (reharmonization, fugues,.... just for fun). However, I'd like to write my own two or three "carols = villancicos", differences aside, .... because this is not for singing. It's just how I think about and feel this time. So, I let my "harmonic imagination" fly and this is it.
  12. It may be November, but church musicians have been thinking about Christmas music for months! Ho-ho-ho!
  13. This is a Christmas carol for SATB chorus, based on William Shakespeare's poem "Song of the Holly"
  14. Hello everyone, my second post here ;) I bought a new amazing Strings Library on Thanksgiving. So now I want to share my first track with this strings here. I'm so excited about this library, it was great to play around with all the articulations.. I focused mainly on the arrangement of the strings in this song. But this time on the mixing as well.. Not sure if it's to much eq. But I hope it's fine. Anyway... merry christmas and enjoy!
  15. Hi Everyone, this is a Christmas piece I composed about two years ago, just a simple piece for bells, but I think the melody is catchy and has a Christmas-feel to it, so I hope you'll like it. Merry Christmas everyone!
  16. Merry Christmas, people! "Gaudete!" Op. 20 ** Score to be uploaded in the future. *** I just realised that I may have uploaded this on the wrong forum.
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