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real time chord/style accompaniment for windows

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I'm new here and I apologize in advance for probable mistakes...

i'm looking for some "standalone windows software" or "VST" with the abilities as follow:
- real time accompaniment
- different chords and styles
- passage 

like what we have in keyboards like "Korg pa800" or "Yamaha PSR640" and so on... 

wish you all the best in coming new year, pulsar


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Thanks all forum members for urgent supporting :))

I found the answer myself and post in here hoping help someone in the future:

There are many softwares presented for Android, Windows, MAC, iOS and others which are called "One Man Band" or "Arranger" for example "vArranger2" or "One Man Band" for PC "ORG 2020" and "Arranger Keyboard" for Android.  Please note that some of the Android apps request suspicious access to GPS and other phone features which is unnecessary for a synth or arranger. Personally, I suppose it as an invasion of privacy and disrespect, and definitely don't install them at the first!


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I took some screenshots and hope it helps...

"vArranger2" for PC (web address available at the top of screenshot in the address bar):



"One Man Band 12" for PC (web address available at the top of screenshot in the address bar):



Useful Links:


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