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Dear All,

I am presenting my latest song in this post. I finalized it a few weeks ago. I'll be glad if you listen to it and tell me what you think.

Best regards,


Selcuk Ozer

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Did you compose this on staff notation? If so, it wildly needs to be reworked, making sure the right voices are in the right layers, time signatures, etc.
Even if not, I think you have good melodic instincts, but they're undercut by a uniform texture that could have more independent elements. 

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I have to agree with Monarcheon on this one. The score needs to be reworked. 

I can see what you're going for here a little bit. But, I'm not sure the arpeggios are coming through the way you wanted them to. That said, as Monarcheon also said, you have a nice grasp of melody (to some extent). I think a little more planning and brevity would be a good thing here. You seem to have a few ideas that can be worked out here. Let's see how you fix this up.

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