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Different Levels of Music


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I'd suggest reading Nattiez's "Music and Discourse" sometime if you get the chance. I don't think you have the right idea when it comes to music theory and its separation from music composition. Music is entirely objective, yes, in terms of what's presented to you, but everything is context dependent, and there's way more to it than just claiming G major chord going to F# minor in a vacuum is a bad choice.

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Interesting perspective, there's always more to the standard of what comprises a song. So long as things vary from genre to genre there's a disconnect of what brings the song to a certain status. A particular tribal song could be outstanding within the context that surrounds it, all while being compared to a different genre. While there shouldn't be any discredit going to the other song, this video sums up the ideas and beliefs of "different levels". A constant thought facing many artists that I interact with is that they aren't at a certain level, but with this I'm hoping to shed some light on understanding that there are different paths to progress through music. Not focusing on someone else's progress, so that they can free up the efforts to work on their own projects. I don't believe that anyone needs to run a specific path to attain a level of success as a musician, for me; I believe if it is an effort of enjoyment, not obligation, only then does it become worth it. 

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