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New Orchestral Artist - StarCrypt

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Hello everyone,

I am eager to join the forums and check out everyone else's work! I just posted my first original orchestral track, Protector of Light on Youtube. Please take a listen and provide feedback! This utilizes orchestral sample libraries only, but I plan to incorporate live recorded instruments into future works. If anyone likes the music, please subscribe. I have many more songs in the works!


Kind Regards,


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overall, pretty great. i'm impressed by the progressions, what was initially just a bass rhythm seemed to end up being a very nice fundamental motif sprinkled around the composition, and yet it expanded in some nice ways through other strings. i'd probably say certain sections like 1:06 though 1:13 (nice way to peek that motif in, by the way!), as well as 2:20 through 2:35 were especially pretty appealing.

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Is there any specifics you want critique on?

I stopped after 30 seconds first time because it was all just bells and whistles - no substance.

Second time I can hear that there is no real thread in the 3 minutes. It's a bunch of sketches stitched together.

If you want to develop your development skills you could try doing 30 second pieces and piece 90 second pieces first with an arch to them and without adding new material beyond the initial theme.

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