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Have in mind that these two are not as close as it seems: image.png.d81505344c017f2df8d1cc5f5afa8938.png

image.png.d53a8e069051fd29426912737af244ce.pngThat is, very unfortunately, nearly impossible. I tend not to ask string players to play notes that are a fifth from each other (not including open strings), especially not three at once. Have an mind that if you write this they'll probably play the first note for a brief of a second then play the ones that are a fourth apart.

image.png.af0715372551384955d0ecf827e4b466.pngYou could get way more power if you set them all in octaves apart rather than at the same octave. The Vlc, at least, would sound way weaker than how it could have been, and the Vln seems to play at their sweeter, not as sharp nor extreme, range. Also the trill, begin with all of them synchronized because they're not a computer, would sound like a mess (it's ok if that's what you meant for).

I'm confused. Whats you thematic material?

I agree with everything this guy image.png.687aeb46e93cd00ffbd8ef5615e274d8.png advised. Think of them as different voices.


image.png.7f31e5848f1341a8d795cfbe3f8ca3d1.pngImpossible. When you write more than two notes on one string instrument- think of what note should be played on what string.



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