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Adding the Complete Old YC as an archive!

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I am bringing back the old site memories and archiving them all into the newer wiki engine. All old messages are saved, and will be reborn as a memory in the wiki section of the website. Everyone will be free to add on to the replies, or talk about particular topics in the discussion tabs! This will be an ongoing project, and could take over a year to complete by myself. I will for the most part will add every single topic, unedited. If I do edit out a section, it is because I noticed a bad word, or something which can affect the site in a negative way.

Here is a start:


From there, I will be adding manually by hand, all the pages.

Hope you guys are happy that the memories will be brought back :D

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Yes, the links can be preserved. If a link is broken, I will put (broken link) where the link would have been. Broken links will be inevitable especially for discussions back in 1999.

What would be nice is if I could have some elite YC members volunteer to help me put the old site back up! I will train you of course on how to do it. Otherwise, this thing is going to take well over a year to do by myself. Oh well, I am not going to force anyone to volunteer :D

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Thank you guys. You can do it whenever you feel like it. Even if you do a few a week that is a huge help. The more you guys help, the quicker the old site will be archived and be 100% safe (I don't really know when or if Mark (previous owner) will take off the old site, so I would like this up asap)

Here is a tutorial to get started with archiving the site:

Archiving the site

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