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Spatium: A piece for orchestra

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Hi everyone!

I just wrote this piece for an orchestra that I was thinking could be used as a theme to some kind of sci-fi adventure set in space. Have a listen to it! Any comments and/or feedback are greatly appreciated since I am a self-taught composer! I'll attach the PDF with the score to the post.

Here is the piece itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Z3axY6f_Y

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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It sounds like another installment in the Marvel universe!  Nice job using each section of the orchestra - nice touch of epic choir.  There is a mellow introduction that serves your piece well.  At 1:55 it sounds like the superhero (that I imagine) has encountered a setback and the villain suddenly has the advantage.  The following section in 5/4 builds tension.  Then at 2:33 the superhero once again gains the advantage by obtaining the villains powerful item (in my imagination LoL).  Finally, by the end the villain is momentarily defeated (but he'll probably be back).  Anyway - that's what I imagine with this piece - well done!

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