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There is a very cool Discord Server for a "young composers" community, which was revived (much like how this community here was revived) by someone who was eager to keep that community flowing.  I made contact with the admin about the fragmentation of these similar communities.  He could have just changed the name of the server and run separately from us, but instead he agreed it would make better sense to affiliate these two communities.  I believe this will help us unite and integrate this community in a much more positive way.  One thing to make clear is the admin, alias Puppy runs and will continue to run the server independently.

Thus you will notice a link to the Discord server at the top of our homepage.

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that was a BIT confusing to me to see that Discord was seemingly directly connected to YC. i will have to check into it soon, the installation of the associated app seems to have been added to the list of start-up programs on my PC, so every morning he is like "come play with me".  I will soon enough.

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Trouble is, it doesn't let anyone in as a guest so impossible to see what it's like. I did join a while ago just to see but cancelled. I suspect the act of closing prompted it to pass my email address on. It's one I reserve for just this kind of issue. I was flooded with spam.

I may be wrong but I'm not ready to try again!

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