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Three Sententiae for Piccolo & Tuba, Op. 344 (Submission for the YC Comp. "The Tortoise & The Hare - A Study in Contrasts")


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This is my "Three Sententiae for Piccolo & Tuba, Op. 344", my entry for the YC's The Tortoise & The Hare' composing competition.

Here is the description that I provided with the score for my submission:

"In these "Three Sententiae for Piccolo and Tuba, Op. 344", I depict the hare with the piccolo and the tortoise with the tuba. The three sententiae do not strive to particularly depict events in the fable of the "Tortoise and the Hare", opting rather to leave interpretation to the imagination of the audience. However, I have sought to highlight the hare's carelessness by the piccolo's rather carefree part and the tortoise's methodicalness by the regularity of the tuba's part. Also, in the final sententia, I have sought to highlight the dramatic ending."

To the above, I might add that for me the highest note played by the tuba, the first 'C' in the final bar of the third sententia, signifies the tortoise's definitive winning step, with the hare's final flourish coming after it and extending beyond the final note of the tuba thus signifying that it was not quite enough to win the race.


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