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Suite for Strings

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Henry Ng Tsz Kiu
This post was recognized by Henry Ng Tsz Kiu!

"A very successful rearrangement of your old pieces into utter beauty!"

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This is not a dance suite, but is made out of old pieces in my dance suite folder that didn't make the cut (back when I was writing into the sequencer).

The 1st movement - Serenade - is a fast ternary form in Ab major.  Originally it was meant to be a prelude to a dance suite.  It is in 4/4.

The 2nd movement - Lament - was originally meant to be a Courante, but it doesn't satisfy the requirements of the kind of dance that a Courante is meant to be (and it's in 2/4).  This piece is in Ab minor and binary form.

The 3rd movement - Intermezzo - was also conceived as a prelude to a dance suite.  It is in F# major.  It is in 4/4 and binary form.

The 4th movement - Postlude - was originally meant to be an Allemande but ended up being too slow to be any kind of dance, even though it has some characteristics of an Allemande.  It is in 4/4 and E major.

The overall form is fast, slower, slower, and even slower.  Let me know what you think!  I appreciate any of your constructive comments, suggestions or critiques!

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Very nice work. Classical and succinct.

Nothing to comment on the composition or engraving since you're anyway accomplished in harmony, vertical spacing in chords, thematic work and so on, and the rendering was ok although a little more stereo spread wouldn't be amiss. Violins 2 might be given a little more volume in the Postlude when they take over melody from Violins 2, important from bar 7. 

My only comment is about the arrangement. You give Violins 1 all the work in the intermezzo. There's a case for sharing the melodic part with violins 2 and even repeating (for either of them) the main theme an octave higher in bar 7. (It also might be possible to share the principal melodic work between the two violins elsewhere - but that's just a matter of preference. Oh, and ok, I can't know how you produced the scores but if using notation software, the dynamics could be a little more...dynamic! It's one of those small suites that would make a wonderful live performance. 

All good then. A pleasant listen, away from the discords and clashes of the musical world I seem to live in. A musical holiday is always nice... blue skies, light and air.... :>D

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Hi Peter,

I have to say the Serenade begins like London Bridge is Falling Down! As Quinn said I won't comment on the technique since I have nothing to add! I love the middle section with the harmonic colors! You can probably use D.C al Coda instead of 1st ending I guess.

The lament ends surprisingly on Gb major and this make me think of Renaissance modal cadence. Very soothing and fluent exchange of voice here!

For the Intermezzo, I freakingly love this! It has some Mahler 10th in it with the contemplative undertone!! The harmonic lanfuage is less dissonant but very similiar!! You should have extend this!!

For the postlude, shxt! I cry for its beauty and transcendence. Again I want this to be extended with this utter beauty!!! It's simple but utterly beautiful for its simpliclity. It's like beauty directly in front of you without any artificial decorations, just beauty itself. A simple octave up for the theme transform it from a contemplative and immanent theme to a transcendental one! It's very Brahmsian for me like his E major slow movements in Symphony no.1 and no.4. I utterly love this postlude which ends this Suite perfectly.

For me the order is amazing sincw it gets better after one another! I absolutely love this and thanks for sharing Peter!!



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