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One of these days

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Uno de estos días... One of these days.

A simple piano piece, with its twists .... That's the one of my dogs (calle Happy) is.


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Hi Luis,

6 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

A simple piano piece, with its twists

it's simple but lovely isn't it? Very comfortable and soothing to listen like breeze. Your harmonic progression is natural and relaxing but not without good effect.  For the middle section I love your usage of the unexpected chords, like the minor neapolitan and G minor chord. I like in b.79 when the texture gets thicker with good counterpoint! The modulation to E major first and then getting back to A major is a good little trick as well!

I think the up an octave sign is not necessary here since the notes are not really high for me!

Thanks for sharing!


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